Painkillers VS CBD

According to a survey conducted in 2011, almost 100 million Americans reported to be suffering from some kind of chronic pain. This figure is likely to have increased in the past years. Contrary to acute pain in which can be treated by targeting the source of affliction, chronic pain is known to be more complex.

Doctors usually prescribe painkillers to deal with the discomfort, but in most cases it just provides temporary relief. In light of that, experts have turned to alternative methods that can better serve as an aid.

Enter, CBD. The most researched non-psychoactive component of marijuana is being taken by the patients of chronic pain. While at the same time, taking strides in becoming an alternative to painkillers and become an actual treatment rather than a suppressor when it comes to chronic pain:

  • Anti-inflammation: Inflammation is a subset of many internal diseases such as arthritis, asthma, tuberculosis, and more. That of which is likely to damage tissues over time. While at the same time, extended use of over the counter medicines has shown signs of damaging your liver, kidneys, and stomach making it a risky choice. CBD is being chosen over anti-inflammatory drugs since its successful study published in 2009 by Prakash Nagarkatti.

  • Relaxes your muscles: There are other ways one may choose to diminish chronic pain from the body such as exercise and/or yoga. But, this choice puts individuals at a standstill as the pain often interferes with these exercises and pain won’t subside until mid-exercise. There are CBD infused products such as organic CBD hemp tea, that contains a milder concentration of CBD. It is only natural that living a life free of fatigue, laziness, or pain will follow to a more dedicated work-out schedule, which may have seemed impossible to do before.

  • Induces calmness and sleep: Chronic pain is one of the reasons why many people are suffering from insomnia. Those who experience chronic pain and use CBD need something to induce a better quality of sleep. Green Roads has a dedicated team of scientists and pharmacists working on making hemp tastier and more effective every day.

  • Fighting depression: One of the most important realities in life is the pursuit of happiness and peace of mind. The fear of having chronic pain many times builds up and leads to depression. According to a study by Lauren Rayner, nearly 60% of people who suffer from depression also deal with chronic pain. Now, there has been a rise in successful testimonials that take CBD and experience these conditions.